In this cold December weather

Posted by Bonnie Celestino on

Let me share with you this collection of whimsical provincial sceneries. Perfect for contemplation during this cool December weather.
How were these delicate and intricate marvels produced? Believe it or not, these are made from layers and layers of stencils, painted using lithiography. Lithiography is the process of painting on pre-cut boards, or stencils, to imprint the stencil design on the canvass. 
In these marvelous items, not one, three or five stencils were used. More like 20+ stencils were used to create such an intricate piece, where the 3D-ness of the panting is evident. 
In other words, after one layer has been painted. It waited to dry before the second layer of stencil design was applied. This went on for 15-20 times to achieve this look. Time is money here. As such, there is no need to mention that these are unique sets with only limited quantities. Hand-made by master artists. 
Enjoy a zoomed version of the picture below and see for yourself.