Revisiting Some Exciting Products

Posted by Bonnie Celestino on

These are three products that we want to share with you. Have you seen them before?

1) 3D Frame Shimmer Decor D1782-13 

Made from refurbished wood and clear resin. This piece is exciting to look at. It has a hint of ultra modern touch, from the four shades of clear resin, while earthy at the same time due to the wooden finish. The eccentricity comes from the uneven cuts where the wood and resin meet. 

Resin is a natural product of nature. It comes from tree barks and other plant- or earth-based sources. It is then molded and formed using chemicals, via several processes, to achieve the look that the maker envisions.

Size 90 x 90 x 5cm


2) Thoughts on a Balcony D1838-13

9 men pensive and dreamy, thinking of the past and the future, of important and whimsical thoughts. The bars are electroplated with golden finish, while the statuettes are resin-made. 

They are movable to different sections of the gold structure, each statuette fitted with magnets, to stay in place. 

This is a piece that will entertain you during those moments of creativity.

Size:80 x 97 x 9cm

3) Flower and Feathers D16611-84

This one is a limited edition piece. Measuring a total size of 180 x 300 x 8cm, that is 6ft by 10ft. With 15 individual, acrylic-encased frames, this is immediately a centerpiece for the high-ceilinged living hall or hotel lobby.

It can be positioned vertically or horizontally together, or with gaps in between each piece to create that wow factor. It is up to the versatile designer. 

The design is lotuses with hundred petals and fish in the pond. A masterpiece.